Hard water is a quite common problem in homes across the country. For those unfamiliar with the term, “hard water” is water with high levels of minerals present in it. This is contrasted with “soft water” which has a much lower mineral content. There are varying levels of “hardness” in a home’s water supply, depending on a number of factors including geological location. Any kind of 硬 water will eventually create problems in your home, though. Here are three of the most common problems that 硬 water can cause.


If you have a boiler system, the biggest issue with 硬 water is that of kettling. Over time, the 硬 water that flows through the heat exchanger of your boiler will leave mineral deposits behind. After 恩 ough time, depending on the 硬ness of your water, those mineral deposits will build up and severely restrict the flow of water through the heat exchanger. This causes the water in the heat exchanger to boil and evaporate, causing a spike in pressure in the heat exchanger. This is often characterized by a deep rumbling sound when the boiler is on. This will eventually cause your boiler to break down if it isn’t fixed.


Mineral deposit issues are not limited to boilers. Lime scale deposits can clog practically any water pipe over time, often requiring that large sections of it be replaced. Just like above, this varies depending on the actual level of mineral content in your home’s water supply. Regardless of the level, however, if it’s bad 恩 ough to form lime scale you’re going to want to pursue options for treating it. Water 柔软的eners that can remove the mineral content from your water are available on the market.


Perhaps the least damaging, but most obnoxious side effect of 硬 water use is the ugly deposits that build up on faucets, shower heads, and in bathtubs. This is what causes the discolored 环 in many homeowners’ bathtubs, as well as the white powdery substances on the walls of a shower. This can degrade the metal in your faucets and shower heads over time, so it pays to clean it off as soon as possible.

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水软化剂会成为我的家吗’s Water Too Salty?


“Hard water” is a term that you may have heard before, but most homeowners don’t know the full impact of this condition. It’s marked by a high mineral content in the water, namely calcium and magnesium. Many people discuss the impact of 硬 water on their hair or talk about the fact that soap cannot easily lather in the presence of these minerals. However, a more important reason to treat 硬 water is the potential damage it can do to your pipes and large appliances as minerals gather inside and inhibit water from passing through. In this guide, we’ll talk about how water 柔软的eners work and a common question that comes up for homeowners: will a water 柔软的ener make by water taste salty?


A water 柔软的ener is a system that essentially replaces the magnesium and calcium in your water with sodium ions, which won’t do any harm to your 水暖 system. This is installed at a point of 恩 try for your water supply so that the water that flows through every pipe and fixture in your home is 柔软的ened. It contains a tank full of small polystyrene beads containing positively charged sodium ions. As water flows past these beads, the sodium and magnesium or calcium switch places, and the tank flushes the beads during a regeneration cycle.



Of course, there are always exceptions to this rule. The amount of salt that 恩 ters your water supply is obviously dependent on the amount of minerals that were there in the first place. Still, the amount of sodium that 恩 ters your home should be minimal, but there are many people who are sensitive to salt or are very attentive to their sodium intake. In this case, you may decide to install an additional system to filter out the salt. A reverse osmosis system uses a thin membrane to filter out sodium or other impurities in your water and can be used in conjunction with a water 柔软的ener.

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However, 硬 water does pose a threat to your home in other ways. You may have seen mineral deposits around your 水暖 fixtures in the form of white or yellowish-green buildup around faucets or near the drains. This is due to an excess of minerals, generally calcium and minerals which contain magnesium, such as limestone. When these pass through the pipes, they may begin to collect in the lining, leading to a pile of minerals that may grow to restrict the pipes.

As minerals block the pipes, you may get reduced water pressure or no pressure at all. This may lead to pipe replacement, and these same deposits can ruin fixtures and large appliances like dishwashers and washing machines. When you notice 硬 water in your 凤凰 home, it’s time to schedule a visit with a plumber to install a water 柔软的ener at your water supply.

Water 柔软的eners work under a simple principle: replacing the minerals in 硬 water with something else, generally with sodium ions, although potassium is sometimes employed. As water moves from the water supply to your home, it first goes through the 柔软的ening tank, which contains resin beads filled with a brine solution with a negative charge. These beads 吸引 the magnesium and calcium, using salt to clean off the beads in a process known as “regeneration.” This allows the beads to discharge the magnesium and calcium ions as waste so that they can do their job over again. While only a small amount of salt should 恩 ter your water supply, you can install further 水处理系统 去除水中残留的钠。

If you notice the signs of 硬 water, don’t wait for buildup to destroy your pipes. 致电专家 at 受信任的管道工to install a water 柔软的ener in 凤凰 今天!



Sometimes, the water in your home contains chemicals or minerals that may be added to the water by your town’s water department, or the water may pick up contaminants from the ground. Some of the most common contaminants found in water form a condition known as 硬 water, for which a water 柔软的ener is your best protection.

Hard water is a buildup of minerals, most often calcium and magnesium. These minerals may collect in your water supply as water travels through the ground. Hard water affects a majority of homes in the U.S., but, luckily, there are usually no health concerns associated with these minerals. However, 硬 water can do serious damage to your 水暖 system without a water 柔软的ener installed.

As 硬 water moves through the pipes, mineral deposits may gather on the insides. As deposits build up, you may notice reduced water pressure. But your water supply is kept pressurized, so when this drops you may have an imbalance within the pipes that causes them to leak or burst. This means you may have to make major repairs or replace some pipes 恩 tirely.

Furthermore, 硬 water can cause problems in your home. White mineral flakes form near faucets and showerheads. The minerals in 硬 water make it difficult for soap to lather, so you may have difficulty cleaning. Often, soap scum remains in washing machines, or residue coats the dishes in your dishwasher. And 硬 water may affect the large appliances in your home. This issue may cause dishwashers or clothes washing machines to become damaged beyond repair.

But there is a solution. A water 柔软的ener is a device that uses a tank filled with sodium ions to replace the minerals with a less harmful substance. And while this will not damage your 水暖 , some people may be sensitive to sodium, in which case a reverse osmosis system may be added to keep the sodium out of your 饮用水.

如果您决定需要 water 柔软的ener in 斯科茨代尔, AZ call one of the experts at 受信任的管道工. We can give you more information about 硬 water and test your water for other contaminants. 给我们打电话吧!



从您的水龙头流出的水可能会给您造成麻烦 水暖 . When you turn on a tap, water usually appears clean and clear. But, if you’re like many homeowners, this water actually contains added minerals that may do major damage to your pipes. If you live in 格伦代尔 , AZ and experience problems with “hard water,” consider a water 柔软的ener to help your 水暖 . Here’s how it works.

Sometimes, minerals are added to the public water supply in order to protect homeowners. Fluoride, for example, is a commonly added mineral used in many municipalities in order to prevent tooth decay. However, other additives 恩 ter the water supply by accident. As water moves through the ground, it may 吸引 minerals that stay in the water supply, and these include calcium and magnesium. While calcium and magnesium won’t pose a threat to your health, the “hard water” created by these minerals may be harmful to your 水暖 system.

You may have seen signs of 硬 water if you notice that soap doesn’t lather or dissolve quite as well as you’d like. A frequent buildup of soap scum in the sink or tub, water spots on dishes, or soapy residue in the washing machine or dishwasher may all indicate a problem with 硬 water. And the problem extends to your pipes as well. The minerals in your 硬 water may build in the pipes over time. If these mineral deposits build up too much, your 水暖 system may need repair.

A water 柔软的ener helps eliminate this problem by replacing calcium and magnesium ions 恩 tirely. The water 柔软的ener is installed at your home’s water source so that 硬 water will never reach your home. The tank includes a brine solution of water and salt (or potassium) contained in small beads which 吸引 the harmful ions. These are then replaced with the salt or potassium ions, depending on the type of system installed.

A water 柔软的ener can protect your 水暖 and your appliances from harmful mineral deposits. However, be sure to trust you water 柔软的ener installation 在亚利桑那州格伦代尔(Glendale)向The Trusted Plumber(专业水管工)的专业人员进行咨询。 给我们打电话吧!





您如何从这么多种产品和治疗方法中选择“hard” water?   The original way to treat 硬 water has been around for decades.  That process involves removing magnesium and calcium from the water and replacing it with salt or potassium.   Now we have “activated water”, “活性氢系统”,磁水处理,充氧水,电磁水处理,紫外线处理,声波处理,降压,贵金属催化处理等等。大多数是骗局。有些在特定情况下有效。有些人实际上是在实验室工作,但实际上却无法做出短暂的反应。价格范围从$ 100或更少到$ 9000或更多。让’将范围缩小到Trusted Plumber进行了深入研究并发现在科学上和客户上都值得的一些合法的少数’s reviews.



这绝对是唯一的方法“soft”水无反渗透。如果您的目的是处理水,那么您可以“feel” the difference in the water, this is the way to go.  The slippery 感觉 after a shower can only be duplicated with salt or potassium systems.  There is a substantial trade off though.  You need to filter this type of 柔软的ened water to drink or cook with it.  The beneficial minerals that are needed by your body are removed from the water during the 柔软的ening process.  It’s chemically impossible to remove those minerals without replacing them, so salt or potassium are the replacements.  Salt also negatively affects your 水暖 .  Water heaters are quickly damaged by the salt in a salt water 柔软的ener. In addition, most people do not need additional sodium in their diet. To regenerate, these systems also need to flush between 50 and 200 gallons of water weekly and dump it into the public waste water system or the ground water.  This affects our water supply negatively.


 螯合 螯合 involves the binding, or stabilization, of the magnesium and calcium found in 硬 water.  I’我将尽力用非科学语言解释这意味着什么。当水碰到螯合剂时(NuvoH2O®产品使用柠檬酸作为螯合剂),矿物质离子“attract”柠檬酸并形成一种“ring”。一旦发生这种情况,矿物就不能“cling”到您的固定装置和管道以形成刻度。另外,由于该方法实际上降低了水中的碱度,因此具有在一段时间内去除任何现有水垢的附加效果。柠檬酸天然存在于许多水果中,并被FDA批准使用。尽管科学原理是合理的,但我们没有’对该产品没有实际的科学测试。我们为Nuvo提供90天全额退款保证,我们的客户都对该产品非常满意。


product_saltfreesoftener4_295x306我们首屈一指的水调节系统是由 Enviro Water Solutions,Inc.  Their process involves a patented media that essentially crystallizes the 硬ness molecules in your water and restricts them from adhering to surfaces.  Not only does it stop them from attaching to fixtures and appliances, it also removes existing deposits.  The most 吸引ive part of this system is the lack of need to replace media or filters.  The system uses no electricity, does not have to regenerate and waste water, it does not damage the 恩 vironment, and is completely maintenance free.   The Natursoft®™ product actually has independent scientific documentation that confirms it does exactly what the manufacturer says it will do.  It also has a lifetime warranty on the tank and the media.  We 感觉 so confident in the product that 受信任的管道工offers the Natursoft with a 2 year 100% satisfaction or your money back guarantee.  For further information on the NaturSoft®™ product you can visit their 网站 at www.PelicanWater.com





“您体内的每个系统都依赖水。它的作用令人印象深刻。水可调节体温,清除废物,将营养物质和氧气带入细胞,缓冲关节,通过帮助冲洗某些毒素来帮助预防便秘,减轻肾脏和肝脏的负担,并帮助溶解维生素,矿物质和其他营养物质使它们对您的身体容易接近。”    MayoClinic.com

“水在美学上可能并不令人满意,但是可以安全饮用,因为 消毒剂 保留在自来水中。”(国家环境质量部安全饮用水计划的协调员比尔·里德(Bill Reed))





“Taste, odor and 硬ness are not regulated under 饮用水 health standards. It could be that the water doesn’t taste good or look good, but that doesn’t mean it’s not safe.”(凤凰城水质服务部2013年5月报告)


“当您的饮用水符合EPA要求时’作为砷的标准,它确实含有少量的砷。 EPA继续研究低含量的砷对健康的影响,砷是一种已知的高浓度矿物,可导致人类癌症,并与其他健康影响(例如皮肤损害和循环系统问题)相关。”(凤凰城水质服务部2013年5月报告)



–Mehmet Oz博士,Oz博士。节目